Texas License  LI0004842

Riverside Lawn Sprinkler Inc.

New Lawn Watering
                                            Beds/Sprays                       Beds/Drip Zones                            Spray Zones                                     Rotor Zones
Week 1                      Twice Daily – 3 min Daily             Daily - 30 Min                         Twice Daily – 15 min                       Twice Daily – 40 min
Week 2                             Daily – 3 min                          Daily – 30 min                             Daily – 15 min                                    Daily – 40 min
Week 3                      Every Other Day – 5 min         Every Other Day – 30 min     Every Other Day – 15 min          Every Other Day – 40 min
Winter Time
For new sod, 3 times per week for 2 weeks, there after 2 times per week

Established Lawn Watering
The metroplex contains many different soil types. Monitor your yard and garden watering to find what is suitable for plant growth. The following is a suggested watering schedule. Each yard is different, so monitor your garden.

Month               # of times         Duration                   Watering
                            per week                                               Start Time

January            1 per week        15-20 min.                  9:00am
February         1-2 per week     15-20 min.                  9:00am
March              1-2 per week     15-20 min.                  8:00am
April                2-3 per week     15-20 min.                  4:00am
May               every other day   15-20 min.                  4:00am
June             every other day   15-20 min.                  4:00am
July               3-4 per week       15-20 min.                 4:00am
August          3-4 per week       15-20 min.                  4:00am
September    3 per week         15-20 min.                  4:00am
October        2-3 per week       15-20 min.                  4:00am
November   1-2 per week        15-20 min.                  5:00am
December     1 per week          15-20 min.                   6:00am
** Triple the above times for rotary type sprinkler heads & drip zones.

** EXCEPTION: You must be in compliance with your city or counties water restrictions. Adjust your watering days and start times accordingly.

If you expect a severe freeze (temperatures below 32°F) water heavily to close air pocket and insulate around root systems, then turn off sprinkler.

NOTE: Soil types, sun exposure and climatic conditions will vary from site to site.  Please monitor your watering.

Watering Suggestions
- Lawn sprinkler tree bubbler zones: Trees should be deep watered by bubbler zone every five to seven days.
- All new plants should be watered daily for the first 2 weeks.
- Do not water from 12:00pm to 6pm. This is the hottest part of the day. Also, avoid watering at night as this promotes fungus growth.
- Sprinklers should be set to start at 3:00am - 7:00am during summer and after 8am during winter.
- During winter months with early morning temperatures below 38°F, the freeze/rain sensor will prevent sprinklers from coming on. Start times should be later in the morning.
- During heavy rains, the freeze/rain sensor can prevent the sprinkler system from coming on for 2 - 3 days. During summer the rain/freeze sensor will need to be bypassed so new lawns can be watered.
NOTE: If new sod is not watered for 24 - 48 hours during warm and hot months the sod will be damaged or will die.
- Lack of watering or over watering will void warranties that may have been in place on any plants, trees or grass.
- Do not water the foliage. This may result is sun scald during the heat of the day.
- Keep new sod wet for 10 days after installation.
- Water should deep soak the ground. Your plants need to establish deep root systems. Light watering keeps the top wet and does not encourage roots to grow deeper.
- Allow root balls to dry between each watering as this will prevent root rot and will draw oxygen into the soil. However, never allow a root ball to dry out completely.
- Over Watering: If a plant starts to look poorly and you have been watering on a regular schedule, wait 24 hours after a watering and lift the affected plant and observe the bottom of the hole. If there is water standing in the hole discontinue watering.

NOTE: Soil conditions throughout Texas vary. These are recommendations only. Please consult your local nurseryman for your specific soil type.